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The SpaceController brings a comfortable, efficient way to work in CAD Design Software.

Utilizing the SpaceController 3D Mouse, can increase efficiency in CAD Design by as much as 3 times over using only a traditional mouse and a keyboard. While keeping the traditional mouse on one side of the keyboard, and adding the SpaceControl 3D Mouse on the opposite side, the time spent searching for commands in the software toolbar is nearly eliminated.

The patented Power Wheel, a rotating silver ring, located just below and around the base of the CAP, can contain up to 28 commands from the CAD program.  Add this to the 6 customizable buttons along the top of the controller, and the user has up to 34 frequently used commands, all Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, as well as quick view buttons for FIT, Front, Top, Right views all at the fingertips without ever having to touch the keyboard, or leaving the design/drawing view in the CAD Software.

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DRIVER VERSION 2.8.1 (Current as of August 24, 2015)